We are Growing Our Own Teachers on Kauai, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting Kauai’s aspiring student teachers to complete their education. Our goal is to provide grants to teacher candidates entering their final student teaching semester who are in need of financial assistance. We have expanded our reach recently to include aspiring secondary educators. We have also reached past the University of Hawaii and included students from other teacher credentials programs. As always, recipients must have strong ties to Kauai and be willing to teach for at least three years on Kauai. 

We want to congratulate our Spring 2022 recipients: Kaeyley Yamamatoya and Brayley Cabreros. They are truly called to the teaching profession and come highly recommended by the schools where they are working. We wish them every success!



With the lack of teachers on Kauai approaching a critical point, Growing Our Own Teachers on Kauai is dedicated to identifying the ways in which we can help alleviate this issue.

Kauai’s Annual Charity Walk is set for August 20th. This is the first year that our organization is participating. If you haven’t participated before, the goal is have as many of our supporters as possible to sign up to walk with us at the charity walk. The cost to sign up is $50 per person. All the money raised for Growing Out Own Teachers on Kauai comes back to us. In addition, we gain points for participating in other events.

We rely on your generosity to continue providing scholarships for our aspiring student teachers. Our goal is $2,000. If you cannot walk with us, your gift of any amount is appreciated.

Just go to our Charity Walk “Mobile Cause Page” to register and/or donate to our cause. 


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