We are Growing Our Own Teachers on Kauai, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting Kauai’s aspiring student teachers to complete their education. Our goal is to provide grants to teacher candidates entering their final student teaching semester who are in need of financial assistance. We have expanded our reach recently to include aspiring secondary educators. We have also reached past the University of Hawaii and included students from other teacher credentials programs. As always, recipients must have strong ties to Kauai and be willing to teach for at least three years on Kauai. 

We want to congratulate our Spring 2023 recipients: Haley Deaton, Brendan Smith, David Ochoco, and Kristy Kinimaka. Like all of our recipients, they are dedicated to teaching. All of our recipients are highly recommended by their program teachers. We wish them every success!


For those who are entering their student teaching semester in the Fall of 2023, the deadline to apply will be upon us before we know it! Get started now because your advisors may be on summer vacation when you need their recommendations! We must receive your application and supporting documents by June 30, 2023. Visit our Student Teaching Grant Application page for details and forms.

With the lack of teachers on Kauai approaching a critical point, Growing Our Own Teachers on Kauai is dedicated to identifying the ways in which we can help alleviate this issue. We welcome your thoughts, your time, and your donations to further our cause.