Growing Our Own Teachers on Kauai is dedicated to helping Kauai’s aspiring student teachers who are in need of financial assistance to complete their education.  We all know that Kauai is facing a major shortage of teachers and it is our goal to help reverse that situation.

We assist both elementary and secondary grade-level teachers. If you are a teacher candidate, receiving financial aid, and entering your student teaching semester or final phase of licensure, please review the online application below, prepare the necessary documents, fill in the application, and upload your documents. If you prefer, you can download the appropriate application from the link below.


We accept applications twice a year. A student teacher must be entering their final student teaching semester in order to apply.

Fall Deadline: If you are completing your final semester in the Fall, you must have your completed application to us by July 31. 

Spring Deadline: If you are completing your final semester in the Spring, you must have your completed application to us by November 30 the year prior.  

Online Application

Home Address


Application Requirements

Your Essay

Write a three-page maximum, double-spaced, typed essay with one-inch margins. Please include the following information in a narrative format:
1. Statement of Need, including the following --
   a. why you need financial assistance for your student teaching semester.
   b. whether you have received financial aid before.
   c. how you have been funding your education to this point.
2. Details about yourself, your interests, your family, and your accomplishments.
3. Volunteer activities you have been involved with, such as helping at church, beach clean-up, etc.
4. Why you want to become a teacher. Keep your essay brief and to the point. Missing information may exclude you from receiving scholarship funds.

Letters of Recommendation

Submit two letters of recommendation from teachers, principals, or other educators who can attest to your predicted success in becoming an excellent classroom teacher. The Reference Form may be used instead of letters.

Certification of Intent to Teach on Kauai

By clicking the Submit button below, I certify that I plan to become a teacher on Kauai and pledge to teach here for a minimum of three years. If for some reason, I do not fulfill my three years of teaching for the Growing Our Own Teachers Student Teaching Grant I will in good faith return the financial assistance money for a future Kauai teacher candidate to use .


You may upload your essay and letters of recommendation in this form, email them, or mail them to the following address: Growing Our Own Teachers on Kauai, P.O. Box 1117, Kalaheo, HI 96741.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.

Reference Form (for Educators) – all grade levels

We will contact you to confirm receipt of your application and provide you with information on the next steps. Generally, we do one in-person interview (currently using Zoom due to COVID-19 precautions). We will discuss at our next board meeting after the interview and, then, notify you of our decision.

All applicants must understand they are obligated to teach in a school on Kauai for a minimum of 3 years when they accept funds from Growing Our Own Teachers on Kauai.  The point of our desire to help you is to grow and maintain a workforce of exceptional Kauai teachers at all grade levels.

We want to help you succeed! Our deadline for the Spring semester is November 30th of the preceding year. Our deadline for the Fall semester is July 31 of the same year.

Downloadable Applications

If you prefer to print and email or mail your application and supporting documentation, please download the appropriate application from one of the following links:

Student Teacher Grant Application (Download)

Reference Form (for Educators) – all grade levels

Please scan and email the completed application and all supporting documentation to us at or mail it to us at P.O. Box 1117, Kalaheo, HI 96741.

If you have missed a deadline or you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to receiving your application!