It’s Fundraising Season!

Multiple Ways to Donate

We are gearing up our end-of-the-year fundraising campaign by focusing on “Giving Tuesday” on November 30, 2021.

Here are some possible ways to help us with that campaign. There are many ways to donate to Growing Our Own Teachers On Kauai.

First, consider Growing Our Own Teachers On Kauai for your Required Minimum Distribution. If you are over 70 years and 6 months old and have a pension plan, such as an IRA or TSA that requires you to take out a certain amount of money yearly, you may have your financial advisor donate some or all of that money to a charity, or 501(c)(3), like Growing Our Own Teachers On Kauai. Consult your financial advisor for details.

Second, many of you are ordering items through Amazon these days. You can contribute to our organization directly through the Amazon Smile program. Just register with Amazon Smile through the Amazon shopping website. If you are not already registered it will ask you to designate a charity. You will find that Growing Our Own Teachers On Kauai is one you can contribute to through your Amazon purchases. The good thing about this contribution is that you are not giving the money, Amazon is!  They give the charity an amount that is a percentage of your purchase cost and the money comes from them, not you.

Third, you can make a direct donation through our website at using a credit card. Just click on any Donate button on our site. 

Finally, you can send a check directly to our official address:

Growing Our Own Teachers On Kauai
P.O. Box 1117
Kalaheo, HI 96741


Online Student Application Ready!

Just in time for the Spring 2021 applications, we have added a completely online Student Teacher Grant Application! Now, you can enter all the required information and upload your files directly to our database.

For those of you who prefer to email or mail your applications to us, we have kept those links on the same page below the online application.

The deadline is nearing, so please be sure to gather the necessary information and recommendation letters. All applications are due November 30, 2020. We will review and determine the eligibility of all the applications we receive at our Board meeting in the first week of December.

Please visit our Student Teacher Grant Application page for more information. We look forward to receiving your application!

Donors Choose: Mrs. Kan-Souza’s Classroom

While school is largely being held online via meeting applications, teachers and students still need supplies to help foster learning. 

Mrs. Kan-Souza, a former GOOTOK recipient, current board member¹, and a teacher at Wilcox Elementary needs your help! She is online every day with 50 students and her laptop is too old to handle the pressure. She often loses her connection and has to sign back into the meeting, spending precious learning time getting back online and settling the children back into the lesson.  With a new laptop, she will be able to remain in control of the class and lesson plans and keep her students’ attention. 

Please click here or use the following photo link to donate to her cause so she can run her online classroom more effectively and efficiently! She and her students are grateful for all the help you can provide. Mahalo nui loa!!

¹ Mrs. Kan-Souza is a current board member of  Growing Our Own Teachers on Kauai. GOOTOK is not affiliated with nor do we receive any donations from Donors Choose. If you, as a teacher, would like to post your own needs or news, please contact us.


Our own board member and a 2014 GOOTOK Award recipient, Monique Kan-Souza, was one of 18 dedicated professionals from various complex areas on Kauai, Oahu, Hawaii and Maui who successfully completed the Cohort 7 2017-2018 Targeted Learning Cycle Series earning 9 PD Credits, and was featured in the August 2018 OCDE Project GLAD Newsletter.  It showed her perseverance and commitment to professional growth and instructional enhancements to serve all students, especially English Learners. We are all so very proud of Monique and all she has accomplished!

Monique Kan-Souza — Dressed up to teach her students about US Symbols

OCDE Project GLAD® NTC has provided exemplary training for educators both resulting in students’ access to quality instruction and high-levels of success, for over 20 years.  GLAD stands for Guided Language Acquisition Design. Their  model enhances teachers’ design and delivery of standards-based instruction through an integrated approach with the intent of building language proficiency and academic comprehension. OCDE Project GLAD® classrooms promote an environment that respects and honors each child’s voice, personal life experience, and beliefs and values their culture.

To learn more about this program, please visit Project Glad.